Is the Site Secure? 

When you are shopping with us, your details are sent over a secure connection and the site is protected with the latest secure technology. You will see the padlock icon appear in most browsers and the site address in the address bar will change from http:// etc to https:// etc. The added "s" shows the connection is secure.


How are items delivered?

When you arrive at the checkout with all the product that you have ordered, you will have the following options 

     A. Pickup in Store.

     B. Australia Post.

     C. Courier Service. It’s your choice.


Can I use the site as My Student Progresses?

 You sure can, There are another two categories to follow up with. Intermediate and Advancing. Here your teacher will list other materials for the progression of your student such as, higher quality reed, examination books and other items.


Who set these requirements for my school?

All these requirements were set up by the Instrumental Teacher/Coordinator.


How do I use the site

It’s very easy,

First, Select your school.

Select the category( Band ) etc. 

Select the instrument you are playing

Select  the Level (Beginner or whatever level you are doing) and there you have it.

Proceed to the checkout. And it’s delivered by the method of your choice.

The site is there 24/7 for your convenience.


My Daughter is playing Clarinet ,can I purchase more Reeds form the site?

Yes you can, as many times as you like or need. Just go into the site as normal login through your school, but choose Intermediate if you are coming from the Beginner section. There you will see Reed Packs in various sizes brands.


Do I need to buy a whole Box of Reeds?

No, we have packaged them in packs of Three to be more economical for you. A box is generally 10 reeds. As a student progresses they  will go up in the strength of the reed, so  you don’t want to be left with a stack of reeds you can’t use.

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